The Problem for Sellers – eBay needs buyers more

I often read on her how eBay is pushing away sellers with draconian punishments, defects etc & on may occasions I agree.


The problem is that eBay needs buyers more than sellers (sounds silly but true) hence the eBay MBG


eBay must be seen as a safe place to purchase goods…..that is paramount….if buyers start complaining about losing money on eBay word spreads & all sellers start to be seen as dodgy.


Sellers will say eBay need us as without us there will be no customers……but as long as there is one seller with that item for sale on eBay the buyers will come…….ebay will still get it’s commission…..there will be less diversity & higher prices but buyers will still come.


All too often (net always by any means) seller problems are caused by selling “high scam risk items”, or not being 100% accurate with descriptions….getting caught out by less reputable couriers etc.  eBay however again sees buyer protection as paramount thus puts the onus on sellers to not only take responsibility for posting items…but for actually ensuring items reach the buyer.


This is harsh for sellers…..but complain as much as we like….the balance of power will not change…the buyer will come first.


Fortunately (some may not agree) it has been my experience that the majority of buyers are very good……I have only ever had one cause me problems in many years…..I wish the same could be said for all the sellers I have had dealings with…..the MBG has been needed a few times…..but I still have no doubt that the vast majority of sellers are also good, honest & hard working

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