Buyer opened a SNAD claim I accepted return for full refund, buyer never shipped back funds held

A buyer opened a SNAD claim for an item I sold that was fully tested and was working when it left my hands(shipped). Buyer didn’t even claim the item was not working until two weeks after the item was delivered. I told them to return it for a full refund, and gave them the address to return it to. They never shipped it back but on 05/25/2015 they opened a case or a return, I authorized the return on 05/26/2015 buyer has not shipped the item back or messaged me at all. Under the returns section on eBay it said the buyer has been instructed to ship the item back by 06/02/2015. It’s now 06/17/2015 the return is still open and the funds from the transaction are still being held. I’ve reported the buyer to eBay about two weeks ago for abusing returns and I refuse to give a refund without getting the item back. It is extremely aggravating to have funds help because of a buyer that I can only assume was just trying to get the item for free by opening a SNAD claim on it. I don’t know what else to do and honestly too much time has passed since the original sale that it shouldn’t be returned in the first place. It was originally sold on 04/05/2015 and was delivered within 5 days so that would be around 04/10/2015 it’s 06/17/2015 right now so well over two months ago. Anyone have any suggestions.

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