Double-Charge on Overdraft

About 2 weeks ago Paypal charged a transaction to my savings account instead of my credit card, and I ended up getting $70 worth of charges from my bank as a result. ($20 overdraft + $25 fee x2 because 3 days later it tried again.) I just came from my bank (Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union) and they said there was nothing they could do to reverse the charges, so I paid them and left. (It only took me this long to get there because I don’t have a car.) Later, I logged in to my Paypal account to find it was overdrawn by $20 as well. Was this a fee, or the amount that was overdrawn getting bounced back? If the second one, then I already paid that $20 to my bank.


Please verify that I correctly understand what is happening here, and please let me know if Paypal can cover any of the charges involved.

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