Seller Claiming Item Stolen Whilst On The Way To Post Office

Hello there,


I recently purchased and immediately paid for an expensive smart phone on the 25th of June. Yesterday (28th June) the seller claims to of dispatched it, however I received a message from her TODAY claiming and I quote she was “robbed” whilst on the way to the Post Office, even though it had apparently already been dispatched yesterday.


I have politely asked her to provide a full refund, in which she told me to get in touch with eBay and that she can’t issue money as she has an outstanding balance.


I have contacted eBay and have been asked to wait until the 2nd, July when the package was estimated to of arrived by. Now don’t get me wrong, if she was indeed “robbed” whilst on the way to the Post Office my deepest sympathys, but I am naturally very sceptical.


Is it quite literally just a case of waiting until the 2nd of July or can I speed this process up at all? Although I explained the item had apparently been stolen, I am still required to wait until the estimated delivery date. Why!?


Thank you for any assistance.

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