Paypal + Ebay stealing my money in a weird way.

Hello everyone, if someone please can help me explaining what is going on I will be gratefull Smiley Happy

On 18 April I sold three items for $90.00, but the buyer didn’t like it and opened an ebay case, me and the buyer agree that I was gonna sent him $25 and he was gonna keep the items, anyway by mistake he refused my offer and so ebay had to make a decision.

The decision was that since we had agree for a refund, and I didn’t pay him yet (I didn’t had a chance) they refunded him by $25 and took $25 from my CC directy, so the case was closed. All this on 29 MAY.

Now, months latter I see this on my paypal (no notification at all) 

PayPal Balance Adjustment (Unique Transaction ID # XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)   Business Name:   PayPal Balance Adjustment  Total amount:   -$90.00 USD Fee amount:   $0.00 USD Net amount:   -$90.00 USD

  Date:   Jul 8, 2015 Time:   16:29:10 PDT Status:   Completed


$90.00 USD;PayPal Posting Date:Jul 8, 2015;Payment to:claims 2 – usd…, 90.00 USD was recovered for eBay claim 123456789 that your buyer filed against you. For more details, please check your eBay Res Centre;*

This transaction is subject to a buyer Complaint, Chargeback or an Unauthorized Claim. Go to the Resolution Center to resolve this issue.



And it has the same id as that case (and even the amount is the same)

eBay Customer Support has made a final decision.
Unfortunately, it looks like the refund you agreed to issue was never sent to your buyer. We’ve issued it and now need you to reimburse us.

Final decision:This case was decided in the buyer’s favor.
Transaction information:Any remaining funds from this PayPal transaction are available.

Case ID: 123456789 (it is the same as the case ID)
Buyer ID: XXX
Request reason: Request for return
Case reason: You can’t work things out with the buyer
Reimbursement summary:
The refund amount has been paid in full.
May. 29
Reimbursement amount due to eBay
$ 25.00
May. 29
PayPal payment
$ -25.00
Outstanding amount for this case
$ 0.00

So, did anyone else before experience this? What can I do, and I can’t even call ebay from my country Smiley Sad

Thanks a lot.

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