PayPal transaction was declined by the card’s provider email

Hi guys, So I recently bought something from my friend but he is now in a different country, so he sent me a ‘Would like to be paid through PayPal’ then I sent him the payment immediately. And it was successful as he got his money, but then just today morning (2 days after the transaction), PayPal sent me an email saying the transaction was declined by the card’s provider. So I check my bank statement and it says that the transaction is still pending. It takes time for the bank statement so I am not worried about that. I just don’t understand what is going on. He has got the money already, the money has been taken out of my Debit Card. Then why did PayPal send me this email? The first time I tried to pay, I didn’t realize that I don’t have enough money, so PayPal said ‘Error’. Then I put more money in my card – immediately, and paid again, and it was successful. He got the money immediately too. Please help? The PayPal email is NOT a fraud. Thank you very much.

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