Can’t send payments

I just logged into my old paypal account, and linked it to a bank account. However, I got stuck trying to send money to someone. After trying for 30 minutes I’m giving up and will be sending a check. But I’m curious as to why my experience was so bad and wanted to ask here:


1. I confirmed my cell phone in my account profile section, however whenever I try to send a payment, it asks me to confirm with a phone number, and it requires me to type my number again. Is that normal? Shouldn’t it be able to pull up the list of confirmed cell numbers from my account? 


2. During the cell confirmation process of the payment page the page would either log me off, or it would simply redirect me back to the cell confirmation page again. Any thoughts on why this could be happening?


Btw, I tried on Chrome, cleared my cookies, and also tried on Chrome incognito w/ no plugins. 

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