I have 2 issues.

Hey guys. I need some help. 

Issue 1: About 2 monts ago, I sold an item and the person paid the payment of $40 to my paypal. They got a confirmation email of the payment, but I never recieved the payment. I wasnt showing that she sent it, not even to confirm or deny the payment. I’ve yet to recieve the payment (Even within the 30 days) and I cant get in contact with the buyer anymore. What can i do to get my $40? 


Issue 2: Last night i recieved a message saying a payment of $25 was taken from my debit card that’s linked in my account was paid to eBay Inc. I checked my ebay account and couldnt find any fees due. Does anyone know how i can have that refunded? 


thank you so much.

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