Can’t Send Payment to Other Account Even I have Dollars.

Its my worst Experience Ever.


Earlier many payments goes easy. But now its stock. When I tried to send money it shows error like We are sorry something and can’t send paymet.

 Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad


I have more then 70 EURO, but can’t send even 1 Euro Smiley Sad


Am verified user, But also nothing worked. I also need to ship one product outside, I tried to shop ebay from where my friend can get Product but Paypal wont let me confirm transaction.


I tried to checkout, it went upto Review page in payment, but when i click confirm and pay it shows error.

Like contact merchant or etc. Any where I tried same error.


Just one site easily payment which is


Until when I just shop at CUDO. I thought Paypal allows to shop anywhere I want. But why these kind of errors time by time.


If you can’t let me send payment, am gonna close account.


Waiting for response.


Reply here.



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