No Paypal or Bank record of transaction?? Fiasco!



I purchased from a company twice within two days early last week.  The first order came to $47.10 and the second $29.55.

I have an unstable internet connection so I think I might have had some problems purchasing either one or both of these orders but I can not recall.  The first order went through without a problem and my paypal transactions show I was not charged twice.  There is absolutely no record of the second purchase, but my order was shipped to me and I received it without problem.  I gave it a few more days to see if it would hit later and it still did not. 


I contacted the business and spoke to a very friendly who assured me that there was a computer error and instead of being charged for each order, I was instead double charged for the first order and she sent me a partial refund of $17.55 for the first order.  


So now I am charged $29.55 in full instead of the $76.65 I owe.  Without being impolite, I told the woman that I clearly had NOT been double charged but she insisted I “just keep an eye on it” to see if it fixes itself.I may seem crazy for wanting this business to charge me more, but I can’t shake this feeling something is wrong on their end and that they will end up $47.10 short at the end of the month.  I absolutely do not want to be the cause of this.



I figured since the customer service did the exact opposite of my intention, I would file a claim through paypal.  

But as I’ve little (No) experience in this type of scenario, I wanted to ask the community if perhaps someone else has dealt with a problem in paypal involving transactions coming through one side and not the other and what I can do about it since I have no transaction ID (aka proof) to file this problem.

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