My paypal account uses my bank account as back up but…

So right now paypal did one of those automatic payments for my ebay invoice.. ok fine thats not a problem. problem is i only had about a third of the ammount in the form of paypal balance and the rest was funded from my bank. then it says that if my bank did not have enough it would be funded by my debit card which is linked to that bank account !! so its kind of like a closed loop there.


That got me thinking… should i just remove my debit card info? what good is it if i already have my bank account linked? the debit card is tied to that bank.


plus if i do remove my debit card that would make my CREDIT card next in line for back up funding for my bank. hopefully i wont need to ever use it in that method but it makes more dense then paypal saying my debit card will be my back up funding for my bank acout which are the same account.


so is this confusing? because im pretty confused. what do you guys suggest? or is there a way to change this stuff on the paypal settings?

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