Reciever cannot accept payment; says my “profile is not updated / address is not verified”

I’ve been using paypal for quite some time.

As part of the art community and an ebay user, I’ve been using it for years to buy and sell products, send money to friends, etc.


However, over the past week I’ve been trying to commission an artist for a piece, and for some reason his account keeps rejecting my payment. He has told me it is because my “profile is not updated” and that my “address was not verified by paypal.” From what I understand his account has been automatically rejecting my payment because, according to him, I do not have a verified mailling address on file with paypal.


I’ve been shipping items to and from my home via paypal for about three years now. I’ve gone through quite a few transactions with both business and individuals. I have never encountered this problem before.


Any ideas how to fix this? I suppose I could try to send the payment as a “gift” instead of a service (as it is freelance work), but I’m not sure if that’s appropriate or not (or if it will fix the problem). : (

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