Bank account funds missing after refund

Last week I was going to purchase something from a trusted online retailer (not ebay).

I used Paypal at the checkout (aprox. $200).


For some reason Paypal had my old billing address on file (not visible to me, on their systems) and it didn’t match the one I gave to the retailer. I fixed the address issue with Paypal over the phone, but I ended up canceling the order and using my debit card from my bank account to pay instead. The retailer initiated a refund for my Paypal payment.


The next day, ~$200 (the product amount) was deducted from my bank account. I assumed the debit card payment that had gone through normally, but the retailer contacted me to inform me it hadn’t gone through, and when I checked my bank statement it appears as “PAYPAL ECHECK” (the first transaction appears as “PAYPAL INST XFER”).


I put the order on hold until I could sort this out.


Now, the first transaction (the cancelation) has been refunded onto my Paypal balance, but I’m missing $200 from my bank account with no mention of them on my Paypal site.


What’s going on?

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