Paypal Prepaid Card

Hi Folks! I ve been using paypal prepaid card for a month. After my first month I had this questions and hoping to find answers here. On paypal you can track seperate accounts for different currencies. I wonder If I can deposit different currencies in the prepaid card too. You know when I want to pay a seller located in UK paypal converts USD to GBP but they do this with a huge conversion rate. In my last payment for 1160 dollar they took 60 dollars for conversion… I want to deposit GBP in my prepaid card so I can pay GBP directly without losing money. Is this possible? Since when I want to see the balance they only show USD is this because I only deposited USD in the paypal prepaid card? My second question: paypal has taken 3 USD from account to verify it. Later they credited my paypal account. Not my bank account. How Can I transfer this amount to my prepaid card or bank card. I know they charge comission for transferring money to bank accounts. And I saw that I cant choose my prepaid card as the transfer destination. Is there a way to credit that 3 USD to my prepaid card If not what do you recommend. Thanks

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