Question regarding receiving payment and invoice



So today one person was supposed to send me money to my PayPal.

Guy said he did send the money, I received invoice which is marked as paid on my mail which says:


“You have received a PayPal Gift! A transaction of €9.5 has been made on “10/08/2015” by XXXXX with the recipient XXXXX We inform you that the ‘Gift ‘ €9.5 sent on the “10/08/2015″ has been transacted and confirmed via PayPal International under PayPal Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately due to the discrepant currencies of both parties and the associated PayPal Account a period of up to 1-2 business days would be required to reflect the transaction in balance of the related recipient in the case of the following ‘Gift’ Transaction due to the manner of exchange. Under the PayPal Buyer Protection system we inform both parties that this transaction is non-refundable due to the use of a Credit Visa Electron and PayPal is not responsible for the rebate of any funds associated with such a transaction. Paypal,a better life”



I’m kinda new to PP, does this mean, my money should be on my PP account in next 2 days?





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