Customers unable to pay invoice error pops up

I have been using Paypal for the past three years to receive payment for the items that I sell. Starting in Mid May I figured that I would update to a business account since that was a requirement for a website I wanted to post my items that I sold on. That is when the trouble started. I would send an invoice out and the customer would get an error message saying they couldn’t use that credit card and needed to use some other form of payment. So, paypal told me to have them send money and mark it goods/merchandis, so I did. At first customers could pay that way, but now they aren’t even able to pay me that by sending money. I have lost out on many sales due to this happening. Called paypal several times, and get the same answer your acct. is  fine it’s the customers have them call. Well, last night a customer did talk to them and while being on the phone she tried to pay the invoice, it didn’t go through at all. I am getting to a point where I am about to see if there is an alternative to receiving items for payment, that also protects me and also the buyer. 


I was told the tech department would be lookng into this, and should be calling me within the next day or so. I just don’t get how multiple customers are unable to pay. Never was an issue before. Has anyone else had this problem, and was it able to be fixed? 

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