Credit card users who don’t log in get denied for no apparent reason…

We have documented more than 100 instances of users trying to pay (Adaptive) using a credit WITHOUT logging into PP. The payment gets denied with some non-specific error (e.g. 4001 temporary difficulties over a 2 hour span) and then either having the payment go through immediately when logging into PP OR calling the event host (to whom the payment is directed) and having them get an approval using a standard CC terminal.


It looks fishy to me.  I’ve been on with 7 different MTS support people and nobody can give me an answer.  I do know that PP makes more money when the user goes through their PP account than when they simply pay with a CC and this appears to be a way to drive that behavior.  (can you say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT COMING?)


I need answers before I’m forced to drop PP altogether.



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