Money on Hold


I sold some items on ebay but then Paypal held the money from me.

been with paypal for about 8yrs with no problem getting my money.

i was told it was because i hadn’t sold enough on ebay but its only been about 4mths.


The main problem is one of the items i sold was sent second class signed for

the ebay buyer left me feedback so i know they have the item.

i wrote the tracking number down on paypal and ebay so i thought i would get paid but no.

I rang Paypal and they check the post office website it said that they still had the item but they didn’t the buyer had it so paypal wouldn’t release the money.

Over the last week i have contacted the post office by email and the PO comfirms the person has it and it was there mistake.

were do i go from here?


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