My disputed case is closed without refund


I bought some goods for vehicle, actually, I bought as a gift for my brother.


I got this item early May, but it was completely different model, so I requested to return this item.


I had directly contacted the company for almost two months, but they didn’t anwser.


So I reported, and it opened as disputed case on late June.


I sent multiple emails during dispute, but they didn’t answer, so the case escalated to claim.


Paypal reviewed this case, and then finally, it seemed case closed well.


I retruned this item to company and, I provided the tracking number.


Paypal gave me a due date(7/31) to provide the tracking number, so I provided them a day before(7/30).


I got e-mail from paypal 15 days later(8/15), they are unable to process a refund due to invaild tracking number.



I checked the tracking number on USPS website, the item is being held at the Post Office in —- on 8/1,2015 because the business was closed.


What should I do? What happened?


How the tracking number is invalid if I can check the process?


What if the number was incorrect, why they didn’t email to me right away if I have time to correct?


Should I report this case?

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