I found this on another forum — can anyone answer?

This was posted on another community forum and I’m curious to hear the answer “When I log into my PayPal account, go to history, reports, then click annual fiscal summary for this year (year to date) it brings up a report of all the totals for this year thus far. Under sales activity, I assume that number is where the $20,000 mark will be at that they are looking at? If so, I just received a personal payment from my mom and it counted toward that total. Why? It’s not sales activity and was sent as personal payment. If I sell enough to recieve a 1099K, will that amount not show on the 1099K? Lets throw out a scenario. Say I sold $19,000 on eBay, I recieved this $1,000 from my mom as personal payment so it shows my sales activity as $20,000 now (even though I only had $19K). Will I now recieve a 1099K showing $19,000 or will the sales activity have to show $21,000 before I even recieve a 1099K (because $1,000 of it was personal payment)? Just trying to understand how it all works.” Thanks

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