Transaction problem – I can’t get my money back

Hi. I’m a victim of the hosting company ( and PayPal is doing nothing to help me. Let me explain my problem. I’ve chosen 9to5host to host my domain (PayPal transaction made 05/08/2015). Almost one week had passed and nothing was done by my host. No domain, no answer, nothing. I’ve demanded billing department to refund my invoice. As a client I wasn’t satisfied at all, so I think that my claim was logic and normal. I lost small amount of money (35 USD), but it isn’t about money… it’s about the way I was treated after. I’ve decided to make a PayPal claim for a service which wasn’t realised. Once I’ve done it, 9to5host asked me to close my claim. I was told that refund for my invoice will be done the same day. I was thinking that is a serious company so I closed my claim. Today I’ve got no contact with 9to5host. This company is ignoring my emails, and my PayPal demands. What makes me much more unconfortable is the PayPay reaction. I’ve got no help and no understanding. My claim is ignored as well as my problem with company, which stole some money from me. I can’t re-open my claim, I can’t make any reclamation. Someone can give me any advise how to get my money back? Thanks in advance. Best regards. 

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