Refund process doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere

I am refunding an Ebay customer. I did not have enough funds sitting in my Paypal balance, and when I clicked the ‘refund’ option, Paypal went ahead to withdraw funds from my bank account. The problem is, my bank account does not have enough funds as well, so it bounced back and my bank has charged me an overdraft fee.

I borrowed money from a relative and now there are enough funds sitting in my Paypal balance to do the refund.


I called Paypal and the customer respresentative told me to give Paypal a few more days and that they’ll refund the Ebayer with my Paypal balance. I’m a little bit weary at what I was told, since I just received an e-mail that Paypal will try getting the funds from my bank account again in three days, yikes!


The refund is still displayed as ‘Uncleared’. Paypal hasn’t done anything with the amount sitting in my balance. Should I cancel the refund and try again? Thank you for reading.



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