What fees I’m going to be charged?

Hello all. I’ve read all the threads and information I could but still can’t figure out what are the fees I’m going to be charged for this specifcic case.

To start, I’m going to pay for a product/service to someone in the US via Paypal. Due limited cedit on my CC and my wife’s CC, we are going to split that amount between both CC, she is going to send me one payment from her non-US account (paying in USD) to my account balance (in USD), an non-US account as well, I’m aware that transaction will have a 3.9% + .30USD fee as international payments (non-US account) have no option to pay as “family and friends” . Then when I recieve the money from her I’m going to make the payment using that USD balance + my credit card from my account in USD to that person in the US.

In the past I have recieved money from people in the US from their Paypal balance (not the CC) and I’ve noticed I was/or they were charged 5.4% + 0.30USD as fee, even though there was no currency convertion fee as my paypal balance is set in USD and not in our local currency.

So with that said, if I sent the payment to someone in the US from my Paypal balance (USD) + Credit card (USD), what fees I’m going to be charged?
1) Different fees? 5.4% + 0.30 from PP Balance and 3.9% + 0.30 from Credit Card.


2) Only one fee for the whole transaction? 3.9% + 0.30 for PP Balance + Credit Card.

Should be noted that our credit cards (me and wife) are charged in USD there is no convertion from Paypal at all, our bank issuer do the convertion instead from USD to our local currency. Our Paypal balance is set in USD as well, we only have non-US Paypal accounts.

Would appreciate an clear answer for that, as I want to make sure the that person receives the amount I want.

Thank you!

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