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hi i am new to paypal and i really dont understand the mechanics so i ll explain what happened to my account:


the e mail i am using right now is for business in and out of my job, so after i was making a project to develop an e-comerce store to support my actual store i used as a contact name my own information, however i am not the boss and in case i get a sell i would like to register my boss´s information such as account number and billing information, however when i have to introduce the information of the account to wich i want to transer or transer from, my name is the one that appears, but as i told you before i cannot make billings and i am not the titular user of the account and i really wouldnt like to create a new e mail just to use it for paypal because the actual e mail is the one i got in my cellphone and i am who has to fullfill to clients demands.


so what should i do??



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