Conversion from EUR to EUR?!



I have a debit card connected with my PayPal account which is in EUR, and I have made a purchase from Italian eBay where the price was also listed in EUR.

The price of the item I purchased was 241,70 EUR, but PayPal took 255 EUR from my account. 

Later I found out that without my knowledge PayPal converted the currency to HRK at an incredible rate (8,15 HRK for 1 EUR, which is ridiculous), and then of course my bank converted it back to EUR because that’s what the currency of my debit card.


Why did this take place and how can I get a full refund?

The seller is not replying to my email, and neither is the PayPal customer service I found on the contact page. I tried the resolution center and it was automatically refused with the explanation:
After reviewed, payment was charged from your credit card ending in 1295 that with HRK currency. Transaction sent out by currency conversion from HRK to EUR.”
This is clearly false because my credit card is not in HRK currency, it is in EUR!


So again, why did this take place and how can I get a full refund?


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P.S. I have changed my primary currency to EUR and I have changed the default  conversion option, but both of those do not answer the question.

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