Help with Paypal Credit Payment

Hi everyone


I’ve been trying to reach paypal for a very long time, I’ve sent them mails but I’ve got only a automated response, I’ve tried calling them and after getting through all the automated stuff finally got into a queue for a Customer rep. I was waiting to talk to someone for more than 20 minutes and nothing else happened.


If there is anyone here who is a paypal rep or knows how to get in touch with one please let me know.

I opened a paypal credit account and bought a Bose home theatre for around $1200, after almost 3 weeks I saw that the payment was still showing up as pending on my Paypal Credit account and I had already received my Bose home theatre. Everytime I clicked on make payment it said I have no balance pending and then today when I checked my paypal the transaction disappeared and it says my balance is $0 and I have nothing to pay for.


I am shocked because I have not made any payments and for some reason the transaction has disappeared. Can a Paypal agent please contact me, I do not want this to come back later to me via Collections or something else, I want to pay it off but I can’t even find this on my activity page.


If someone can inform an admin or someone who can look into this, I would greatly appreciate it.




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