scammed using freinds and family transaction

met a seller on ebay new seller offering a iphone 5s 32gb had written in description would accept a monthly payment if buyer did not have enough, he asked me to pay by following a set of instructions wich was enter his email send a amount and select freinds and family. its been at least a year since i used paypal itself to send cash as ive used ebay for this instead.

i then freaked out cos i realised it sounded like a scam and i just sent $240 to him $15 for postage and then was going to send another 225 next month for it to be fully payed.

seller claimed he didnt receiv payent and that i hadnt sent it yet so i got onto the pone with paypal and they said he had accepted the transacion and the payent went through. because it was freinds and family paypal said that they dont cover it and i had no clue when i sent the cash.


year ago it was if you sent cash you wer covered and there was only a single options to send it



what can i do – the seller has in all new listings on ebay that he would prefer direct bank transfers.

i do have all converstions with seller recorded in ebay messages with times they were sent and received

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