I seriously am fed up with PayPal

I don’t understand what exactly do PayPal people use to think. I bet it’s anything but their brains!!! I need to purchase stuff from e-bay and I’m currently not in the US and they think that my login from another company is suspicious. The only was to verify that I am the real user is to receive a text on my US phone which is obviously not working since I’m out of the US. I tried to send them an email cause very obviously I can’t call them but they need me to log in, and when I try to log in they ask for verification!!!!!!! I’m not sorry to say this but it is freaking stupid and seriously once I get this resolved I will close my PayPal account forever and will never use it.


i just need to understand why PayPal insist to have partnerships whith hundreds of sites and manufacturers who ship worldwide while they want to descreminate anyone who does not live in the US!!!!! Users cannot link non-US bank accounts to their accounts nor have access to their accounts just because they are in another country!! How racist and stupid!!!

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