Bed Bath & Beyond Refund

Wondering if they are the only merchant to do this, or if others have the same ridiculous policy: I purchased an item online through Bed Bath & Beyond and paid for it with my credit card through PayPal. It arrived and wasn’t want I really wanted, so I took it to a brick-and-mortar BB&B to return it.  The clerk asked how I paid and when I said via PayPal, she said that they can only issue store credit for anything paid through PayPal.  I tried to explain that it was a credit card payment, not through my bank, and she and the manager just pointed to the store policy. My fault for not reading it online, granted, but because I have returned items at other stores with no problem at all (Home Depot, for one, and for a lot more money) – it was handled just like a credit card refund – I naiively assummed this would be the same thing, seeing as it’s a giant corporation, not a mom-and-pop store. The manager kept saying I would have to “take it up” with PayPal, which clearly isn’t the case since it’s the store policy, not PayPal’s. 


Anyone else run into this anywhere else? It seems pretty archaic and unnecessarily difficult for the customer. I don’t want or need the store credit, but I’m stuck with it. I’m rethinking using PayPal when I check out online, unless I want to take the time to scour every website I buy through to read all the fine print. I certainly won’t be using it for BB&B.

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