limited my account access

My account is verified all in formation is inside my account,but the problem is that they limited my account access for some reason and i do not know what is the reason for that and why did they limited my account. all my,street is everything correct and credit card. But they still limited me. Everything was good untill now. I tried to call them but robot asnwer me and nothing got from it.

How to fix that i tried to call them the robot picked up the call and they say go to paypal call us center but i did that already and still no help i got from them. I did write them to my email but still no aswer. So how to fix that ? This is my real account.


This is real my information,my email,my all and i do not know  where to ask for to fix that problem and what to do next.

This is first time this happens to me.

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