Paypal double charge, vendor only has one payment on record

3 hours later after talking to both Paypal and Nike and I have no resolution.


August 31st I bought a pair of sneakers for 108.56 cents, I received the online order email from, and a notice that my Amex was charged by Paypal.  24 hours later I received a notice again that my Amex was charged by Paypal, so I sign into my account to see not 1 but 2 charges paid to Nike in the amount of 108.56 cents.  I recorded the transaction IDs and verified in my Nike account that I only made the 1 purchase of the sneakers.


Nike confirmed that they only received 1 order and sent me my tracking number for that order.  So I then went to Paypal and setup a dispute for the order that was executed on Sept 2nd.  The rep assured me she understood the issue and everything would be fine.  This morning I received a notice that I had an action assigned to me as Nike submitted the original tracking number which showed I received the sneakers.  Well obviously Nike sent them the original invoice information to associate with the claim, BUT I HAVE 2 PAYMENTS!!!!


I get on the phone with Nike, they say they only received 1 Payment and sent me the electronic receipt for that payment and order, I explained several times that Paypal has paid them twice and could they track down this informaiton based on the transaction IDs, they again said they only have 1 payment.


So somehow, there is a payment floating out in la la land that Nike either has received but can’t provide a reciept for, or Paypal is completely **bleep** up and just likes to issue payments twice for 1 item.


I called Paypal to assist and the answer was to just dispute with my Amex card, I called Amex and explained the situation, provided them with emails of the PayPal screen shots, and the information from Nike with the 1 receipt, and they said they will dispute.


Paypal has its conveniences, for example my brother just gave me half the ticket money for a trip to Austin for my Mom, but then tracking transactions down and trying to get honest answers out of people is completely frustrating.


Anyone ever have similar issues?

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