Cut and paste disabled when trying to send a payment

Before the upgraded interface I use to be able to cut and paste the email address when I went to send a payment. Now that option is greyed out so I have to type the email address in manually which is a pain when running a business and I need to pay invoices. I can cut and paste the email address on the main Paypal page before logging in but then it forgets the address once logged in so is useless.

So when I just log into my account, click  “send money” then the option to cut and paste the email address is not available so I have to manually type in the address. This is very frustrating. I still use the old style main interface for running my business as the new version is not good for the way I run my business and when sending payments it use to still use the old classic interface for sending payments. Now the updated format is forced on me when sending payments and this issue has come up becasue of it.  I have tried multiple browsers so it is not a browser setting. Plus this only started once I was forced to use the updated format.  

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