Credit Card Holds from Ebay order processing by PayPal



I have placed multiple orders from Ebay in the last 6 months for the same item, remanufactured toner catridges.  Up until today, a hold shows on my Amex Bluebird account for $1.00 and the purchase price of $11.78 shows as a withdrawal.  The $1.00 hold disappears in 5 to 7 days.  Today I placed the same order, but the order was rejected as Amex would not pay.  Going to my Bluebird account page, I have an $11.78 hold for “Store Purchase PayPal on Ebay Mark”.  With this purchase price hold, my balance is now below $11.78, so the transaction failed.  This is a prepay card and I load money to purchase product.  Having a medical condition, I don’t have excess money.


My question is when did PayPal go from the $1.00 credit card hold to a purchase price hold?  I can’t believe that if I wanted to buy a $500 PC that I need $1,000 in my account for a successful transaction.


I called Ebay and was sent to PayPal.  They somehow blamed the merchant for this problem.  I have sent 2 emails to PayPal.  I realize they don’t respond quickly, but I either need my money released so I can purchase elsewhere or I need my order correctly placed.  I can’t be the only one affected, can I?  Has this happened to anyone else?  I assume this is due to the splitting of Ebay and PayPal.  On my order screen, I can’t purchase any other way except using PayPal.


For the record, I have always used the same Amex Bluebird card and it is verified via PayPal.  I haven’t changed anything.  The only difference is the date of order placement.





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