eBay payments for multiple items not working correctly any more

Payments for multiple items on eBay with PayPal does not work correctly unless paying with the default account.


I recently made purchases of four different items from four different sellers on eBay.  Each was added to my card as they were Buy It Now items and then I used the Proceed to checkout option and logged into PayPal.  From PayPal I selected a credit card I wanted everything to be posted to.  When the transation completed, I received an email from PayPal that showed all four items and a transacation code for each.  When I look at the tranactions on the PayPal site, one of the four shows as being billed to the credit card and the other three show as being billed to my bank account (default account, not my choice but PayPals).  This is a serious flaw in their system which did not exist previously.  I purchase hundres of items per year for my business which I want on the business credit card and not taken from my personal bank account.  I have done this many times previously and never had the transactions split up between different sources.


An established company like PayPal should not be making stupid mistakes like this.



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