PayPal UPS shipping charge is way more than the Ebay calculated amount paid by the buyer


I have sold 4 items since August 2015 and in every instance, when I print the tracking label thru PayPal the UPS cost is more than the amount calculated by Ebay. I have double checked that the weight and dimensions were correct when the item was first  listed. I first spoke to Ebay, then Paypal (who directed me back to Ebay. Then Ebay again, then UPS. I gave my Ebay item IDs, calculated shipping, buyer/seller zip codes, PayPal amounts and the tracking numbers. UPS investigated and said that they are not seeing these Ebay transactions recorded through my UPS account, although my 6 character UPS account number is embedded in the tracking number. They told me it looks like a linking problem on the Ebay side. I called Ebay again this morning and they said that they handle the USPS and FEDEX issues but that PayPal look after the UPS linking and they transferred me to PayPal. After about 15 to 20 minutes waiting, I talked to PayPal and they said it is strange that Ebay say this is a PayPal problem when it is a known Ebay problem. I asked if they could give me a problem ID and she gave me the number BUG TK 22044016. I called Ebay again and was told they have no trace of this bug ticket and that it is definitely a PayPal issue. I asked for, and was given an Ebay tracking ID of 1-5473718901048. I told Ebay that I wanted to have all parties in a single communication but Ebay don’t do this via email – but I could call PayPal again and have them conference call Ebay.


Has anyone else had this problem?

Also, does the bug ticket 22044016 look like an Ebay or Paypal number.


I’ll wait a day or 2 to see what forum members may know before I contact PayPal again. Meanwhile I am losing money on sales and and have already not accepted offers to avoid losses.

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