New EMV Reader Damage Message

I received my new EMV Card Reader today only to find that it does not work as soon as I open the package.  Here is what it does:


1st) Paypal card reader starting up. Please wait…

2nd) Damage to reader detected. Contact PayPal for assistance.


I contacted PayPal and noone has heard of the error message. I asked if there was a way to reset the device to factory default, but they had no idea either. I was asked to wait a day or so for the mobile team to respond to the issue. Anyone have any idea on a fix for this? I’m just a small handyman business and my normal reader hasnt worked with the new app in over a month and I have had to discount jobs 20-50 bucks to have a customer run to their bank to get money for payment. I continue to lose money and I will have a hard time waiting another week or more for me to RMA this back and wait for another.


Thanks for the help in advance.

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