PayPal Credit – Reasons for denied increase?

Curious about why my increase was denied. I did actually call PayPal, but truthfully the guy was not helpful. He was just going on about how Walmart doesn’t have a say in the credit increase (of course I get that!), and it wasn’t until the end that he straight out said “I see right here that your request for an increase tried to go through, but it was denied” – which is me paraphrasing, he didn’t even put it all out on the table like that. He couldn’t tell me why I was denied.


I was trying to make a purchase at, which Walmart says they no longer accept PayPal Credit, unless it’s linked to your PayPal account (which mine is). I thought maybe that could be a problem – that it wasn’t really tripping the PayPal Credit to request an increase.


When I got a PayPal Credit increase a year or so ago, it was automatic, but it was BillMeLater back then.


I have never missed a payment, and I mostly pay above my minimum payment. I just received credit increases on my actual 2 credit cards, so I’m curious as to why I could have possibly been denied?

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