Delay receiving payment on Paypal?

 About 32 hours ago, I sold a digital product to a client via paypal. I’d never used paypal to send or receive money outside of ebay before, so I was a little bewildered by the process. This transaction occured completely independant of ebay FYI. I sent my client the email address that corresponds to my paypal account (and double checked it for typos). The client told me a few minutes later that he had sent the payment. Going on faith, I sent my client his digital product, seeing as how I had no use for it besides this sale. Since it’s been an entire day, I’m getting worried as to what happened. I’ve received no notification or email confirmation from paypal regarding the payment. Also, my account balance is still at zero dollars, and there are no received payments under my “Activity” tab. How long after a client makes a payment through paypal does it usually appear in one’s paypal balance (I only assumed it was nearly instant). Do I have reason to believe that my client never made a payment at all?

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