Unable to issue a refund bc I dont have enough paypal balance and no linked bank account.

I have been using paypal for more than 5 years so far, and this is the first time this happen to me.


Last night I received a payment trough paypal for something I offered on eBay. Today I got a paypal resolution center notification saying that the payment I recieved last night was made without permission of the account’s owner, and a couple hours later I got an eBay notification saying that the account of the buyer has been acessed by an unauthorized third party (apparently it was a fraudulent transaction). Because I have not shipped the item yet, I’m willing to issue a total refund in order to resolve the issue and close the case.


However, I can’t issue a refund because I dont have enough paypal balance on my account, and I can’t add funds because I dont have a linked bank account from the U.S. and I can’t link a bank account from the U.S because my paypal account is not from the united states.


Can someone help me about how can I procced with this ??


Thanks in advance for any help or response.


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