48$ charge, DC BR.0072, insufficient fund charge?

I’ve found little information on the internet as to why this has happened, but it leads me to believe that PayPal tried to withdraw money from my Bank account when there wasn’t enough money there.


I have a few transactions at http://www.steampowered.com/ recently, a purchase, a refund, and a second purchase. The refund was from the first purchase, which was 2.20. I had it refunded to my Paypal. I bought another item for 2.20, expecting the money in PayPal to be used for the transaction, only for PayPal to take money from my Bank account, when there was nothing in there. As a result, my Bank account has been charged 48$, in what i assume is an insufficient funds charge. I need to have this money reimbursed.


My bank is Bank of Montreal (BMO)

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