Clear Payment SCAM ?



1) Met this guy on reddit

2) I met him in a subreddit called HardwareSwap

3) He was selling a Laptop for $900. He made trades before and sold some stuff 2 years ago.

4) I contacted him and told him I was interested.

5) Offered $800

5) He said “I currently have a guy who is interested in it. I believe he’s at work and will get back to me when he’s off. He is going to pay $915 (the extra $15 is to account for some of the shipping).
If you are willing to match this I would ship it tomorrow.”

10) I told him I could match it.

11) He said “Alright. I’ll continue working on it. I’m currently transferring my data and then I need to run the kill program to clear the disks. I’ll try to get it out tomorrow afternoon.
What’s your shipping and PayPal info?”

12)I did.

13)He said “Alright. I have sent a money request on PayPal. Are you verified?”

14) I said no and did the neccesary to be verified.

15) He sent pay request but because of personal issues I couldnt pay the request.

16) I sent the payment instead.

17) He asked me why I had this issues, he felt insecure.

18) I explained

19) He said “Great, thanks, I got the payment. Once it clears and I get it all set up, I’ll ship it out. Looking like that might be Thursday based on when the payment clears PP.”

20) He asked me how I wanted the laptop and I replied.




The number 19) made me insecure. Should I be worried? Once he clears the payment Im vunerable and cant get a refund?

I know he feels insecure too because Im new in that subreddit, but I dont know if Im vunerable too.



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