Card Reader – Email Receipt Wrong Email Address?!

After a lengthy discussion with Paypal on the phone, they have provided no answers AT ALL!


When using my credit card (the one that is linked to my paypal account) on a paypal card reader, when the option is presented to email a copy of the receipt to myself… it is automatically recognising my wife’s OLD work email address.


This old email address is not listed in either of our accounts (we’ve checked) nor do we have access to this old email address. Paypal have checked the OLD email address and there are no accounts associated with it… so where in the world is the card reader pulling this information from???




Paypal insists that each time you make a purchase via the card reader, you must manually enter your email address. Therefore if there’s a email address that appears automatically…. it’s the card provider/bank that has the email linked to the credit card (which is completely ridiculous and not the case!)



Please help. It’s incredibly annoying entering the correct email address each time I make a purchase via the Paypal card reader!



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