$200 from LendUp to Paypal Business Debit Card Gone?

Hi everyone, would appreciate any help here:


I requested a $200 LendUp Loan to pay for rent, and it had an option to send the amount to a debit card immediately.


I tried about 5 different cards and all got rejected, but the one that went through was the Paypal Business Debit Card. 


I tried checking the balance, nothing, then I called Paypal support center and they said it’s a non-reloadable card.


My question is that if ALL the other cards got rejected, why was this one approved, and where did my $200 go? 


If it was non reloadable shouldn’t it have rejected it automatically?


I called Lendup too but non business hours there, so I guess I have to wait til Monday or wait til their email response.


Anyone with similar situations here? 

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