Paypal Holding Money Protected by Ebay Global Shipping

Can anyone advise me on how to contact Paypal regarding this issue?

I sold an item using Ebay’s Global Shipping, which was successfully received at the global shipping center (i mailed it priority mail hoping the buyer would receive it by Christmas), but was then damaged when it left Global Shipping. My buyer and I have been working together to resolve this issue, but after repeatedly being told by Ebay (messages to prove this, wherein they take full responsibility and even say “this isn’t your fault”) that Global Shipping would refund my buyer’s money through Paypal, we proceeded as directed, by contacting Paypal. My buyer filed the claim exactly as Ebay advised him and Ebay assured me that Paypal would contact me just to verify this was indeed an item I sold and any other details, but that Global Shipping would issue the refund. Instead, Paypal did not contact me, I went into my account and learned they had put a “hold” on my money while they “investigate” the dispute. I cannot escalate this from dispute to claim because my buyer and I do not have a dispute, and Paypal site expressly says that if I escalate this to a claim I will no longer be able to communicate with my buyer. My buyer is from Germany and there are a few language issues, which is why I have been trying to help him with this matter to begin with, so if I am suddenly not allowed to communicate, he may see this as abandonment or some other act of aggression.

This is so not right.

I have been on the phone repeatedly with Ebay, and they assure me that paypal made some mistake in not contacting global shipping or me before putting a hold on the money BUT they also say they cannot call Paypal directly — WHAT????

Instead, I have to call Paypal and ask Paypal for conference me into a call with Ebay. In other words, Paypal can contact Ebay but Ebay cannot directly contact Paypal.

This is ridiculous, since Ebay’s Global Shipping protection needs to have the latitude with which to contact Paypal regarding their responsibility in disputes, right? Still, I did attempt to contact Paypal as directed – in fact, Ebay called them for me and told me they would “patch me in” to the disputes and claims department directly, but instead, they dumped me into the holding tank where I sat on hold for 2 hours before the call dropped. I repeated this again, and once more was transferred by Ebay into the phone holding tank at Paypal, where I am now trapped indefinitely, waiting for a human being. I may be here awhile, so if you don’t hear from me, this is where I live – in Paypal Limbo, starving for a response.

Has anyone been in my shoes?

Do you have some advice?

I am an excellent seller, with no claims against me and a rating of 100 percent positive. I have glowing feedback and tend to my buyers with the utmost care and respect. I work hard to maintain this reputation, especially since this is my sole means of support for my cat rescue mission, a nonprofit group of dedicated volunteers, with many expenses and little help. Since this problem arose just before Christmas, I have been unable to list items due to the stress of this outstanding and unresolved issue.

Is there any way I can go forward without damaging my reputation? I have been working so hard with my buyer to ensure he receives his refund, but now feel Ebay and Paypal are tying my hands.

Please advise if you have successfully resolved a similar issue.

Thank you so much,


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