Extra charges from paypal to my debit card!!

What happened, was that i was trying to use my debit card from Mexico for trying to pay an article from ebay, i associated the card to my ebay account and then proceed to try to make the payment first there was an extra charge on the article dunno why, but then i procceed to checkout one time y press pay and continue but it shows a message saying failure please select another method of payment, so i coldnt be able to pay for my stuff, and afer that i decided to delete my debit card from paypal and payfor the article with a friends card i finally pay with my friends credit card and i went to an ATM to retrieve my money from the debit card but i found some charges about 12 charges saying LOCAL PAYMENT for about 2 dollar each, i check thtat with the bank and they gave me a transaction history were it was shown that those charges were from paypal seems like they were charging me for buying something but again i first of all couldnt finish my payment second never bought anything for 12 times, and i dont know what to do now, cuz in paypal i have no histori of those charges just some decllines payments but thats no accurate what can i do?

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