How do I fix it on Pay Pal so that I can resume printing labels on eBay …. NOT Pay Pal

OK, so my daughter and I share an eBay account.  We both have separate Pay Pal accounts.


My payments for sales used to go through her Pay Pal account (because of a fraud issue I had to temporarily stop using my Pay Pal.)  Now I have changed all the Pay Pal emails on my listings so that the payments for all MY listings all go to MYPay Pal account again.  Any payments for MY DAUGHTER’S  listings go to MY DAUGHTER’s Pay Pal account as hers will have HER pay Pal email.


However, when I go to print a label I now get a message telling me I have to go to Pay Pal (I don’t remember exact error message) and fix whatever.


Pay Pal rep told me that in order for me to print out eBay labels again from my eBay account, that my daughter has to go and cancel some sort of shipping label account agreement?  Neither my daughter or I know what she’s talking about.


I have access to my daughter’s Pay Pal account so I will do it for her (she’s got a crazy busy job and has no time anyway), but I need to know how!  Again, all I want is when I sell something, is  to print out a shipping label from my eBay account … NOT a Pay Pal shipping label which unfortunately offers limited shipping options.  (Including the fact that they don’t offer padded flat rate envelope shipping)


Can someone please help with this?


Thanks so much!





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