Paypal Credit Credit Cashback is a scam?

I received promotions last year stating that I’d be receiving 1% cash back on all purchases made with Paypal Credit.  I received periodic emails stating what my balance was and that I’d receive i during January 2016, with the most recent email being near the end of December.  Being now near the end of January and I still hadn’t received my cash back I sent Paypal an email and received the following response:


We have received your inquiry regarding your PayPal Credit account, and appreciate this opportunity to serve you.

We’re sorry, but we no longer offer a Cash Back program for PayPal Credit accounts.  

If you still have questions or there’s something else we can do to help, simply send us a message using the secure email form located on the “Contact” page of our website.

Thanks for being a PayPal Credit customer.


I would not have used Paypal Credit so much if it weren’t for the cash back reward that was offered.  What kind of scam is Paypal running with this?


Looks like I’ll be another report made to the BBB.

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