Help!!! Got Scammed!!!

Hey, so this is a bit of an odd scam that occurred to me just a few weeks ago. So I’m selling through reddit online virtual goods that can be used for a game. For example, take League of Legends. So the guy and I agree with a deal, and he pays me through family and friends to save the tax. I already have good feedback, so he trusted me enough to do that. So i give him the virtual goods and everything seems fine. A few weeks after, the money is subtracted from my balance and is apparently in “transit” or something while the case is disputed. Apparently the buyer put an unauthorized paymenty dispute. The guy isnt messaging me back, so I know he took the virtual goods and just made a run for it. He did pay through family and friends, so I’m confused as of how this is gonna go? He obviously scammed me and I think its ridiculously unfair to have the buyer have so much ground in this case by using the unauthorized payment status, especially when he paid through family and friends…





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