Disallowing vendors future automatic charge privileges

Recently I’ve noticed during some one-time purchases that I have to agree to PayPal to all allow the vendor to charge my account in future without me having to approve the transactions. They say this is for my convenience. I do not want that “convenience” when it comes with so much unacceptable risk. I want to approve any transaction, should I ever want to make a purchase from that vendor in the future. If this were some kind of subscription or automatic re-order process I could understand it, but not for a simple one-time purchase. I should have the right to decline automatic future transaction approval when I make the purchase. Is there any way I can cancel such privileges for a vendor, after I’ve made my purchase? Is there a way I can display/view all vendors who currently have such privileges for my account? PayPal – please consider making the granting of future-charge privileges optional, rather than required, when making such a purchase. I would like to be able to opt-out, or better yet opt-in when appropriate (e.g. a subscription).

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