Transferred Money to PayPal on Feb 3, Until Now Not Yet Reflected On my PayPal Account

Hello! I hope for a kind soul to give light on my predicament. 


I have been transferring money from my bank account to my Paypal account (both in Switzerland). I’m not very proficient in German, so I’m here in this community to try to find answers to my situation.


On February 3, I transferred money from my bank account to PayPal – same bank account that I have been using. The transfer has been reflected and amount deducted from my bank account, but still not on my Paypal account until now (February 11). My bank has recently changed the layout of their website, and I suspect (since this is already so late for the money to be not yet reflected on my PayPal account – I usually only had to wait for 3 days the longest) that my bank sent the money only to PayPal without sending my corresponding PayPal information. 


Or could there be any other reason why it took so long this time (8 days) for the transfer to be reflected? How can I proceed from here as I have called my bank and they said they already sent the money to PayPal?


Thank you very much for the help!



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